The Passion Project Incubator

Welcome To The Passion Project Incubator

Do you have a big dream to fulfill?

A problem you want to solve?

People you are called to serve?

No matter how big or small your dreams, you are in the right place at the perfect time.

We are in the business of turning passions into successful and profitable businesses - whether you want to generate seven figures or just support your lifestyle. Welcome to The Passion Project Incubator!

Deb Boulanger Founder, The Passion Project Incubator

What: A Complete Mentorship & Mastermind Program For Women Entrepeneurs with Deb Boulanger

When: June 2018 

Where: Hands-on Mentoring, Online Courses, Retreats and Peer Mastermind Groups

Why: Because no one succeeds alone.

Is The Passion Project Incubator right for you? Watch this to decide for yourself.

Welcome to The Passion Project Incubator - a learning and mentoring program for new women entrepreneurs!

Hi, I’m Deb Boulanger, the founder of The Passion Project incubator and your success mentor on this journey.  

This program is right for you whether you are trying to discover your passion, just starting a business, or you have been at your business for a while now, but something is still not working, and your business isn’t growing the way you think it should.  

I launched The Passion Project Incubator after noticing that many of my peers - very smart and accomplished women - were failing to launch a successful business. Many had invested tens of thousands of dollars in high end masterminds, learning how to sell from the stage, and grow a list. But they failed to build a successful business.  

And, in the process, they wasted valuable time and money only to end up bootstrapping themselves back into a job. Why? They didn’t understand the process of how to start a new business.  

There is a very specific and repeatable formula for ensuring your success when your launch your business - and it’s much more than building a website. When done right, the website is actually one of your last steps in the process.  

In the Passion Project Incubator, you have the support of more than a dozen mentors - our rockstar advisors - who will guide you on how to uncover your unique purpose, how to ensure you have the right product for the right buyers, how to create content that converts and how to master the metrics for effective lead generation that keep new customers coming to your door.  

All without bootstrapping yourself back into a job - as you will also learn how to raise capital for your venture (without selling your soul). 

The Passion Project Incubator includes everything you need to know to launch a successful business from having the right mindset for success to mastering the mechanics of marketing, measuring your success and adjust your tactics along the way.  

Most of all, this is not high-level theory, or a do-it-yourself course.  

Our focus is on implementation, and what makes this program like no other is the amount of hands-on mentoring that you receive as you take this journey.  

It’s what I, and so many of my peers, wish we had when we started.  

You will also benefit from belonging to a community of smart and accomplished women just like you - each with a unique expertise that will support you with new ideas, and lessons learned.  

I am your lead mentor. With more than 25 years of product development and marketing experience behind me, and years running my own business. 

I will lead you in what is working now in creating and pricing offers, mastering digital marketing and creating a tribe of loyal fans. I will also ensure that you have the tools to master your mindset, and have the confidence it takes to go big in your life.  

You will succeed at the mindset, mechanics and metrics of making money as a successful woman entrepreneur.  

Missing any one of these foundational skills literally ensures failure - and you have already invested too much in this not to succeed.  

The Passion Project Incubator includes more than 20 learning modules, 12 hours of 1:1 mentoring and 15 hours of group mentorship and mastermind calls.  

You will be wisked away on a retreat designed to keep you in top mental form as you benefit from hands on support as you create your launch plan.  

You move at your own pace. We meet you where you are in your business readiness. We are birthing big passions here and this takes focus and time.  

Our program will last for six months after which you will have the option to continue to get support.  

It’s never too late to fulfill a dream - whether you are in your 30’s or 60’s! But what I do know for sure is that no one succeeds alone - having a clear path and a mentor to guide you there will get you to where you want to go faster and with fewer bumps in the road.  

Your next step is to fill out the application form below this video and schedule a 1:1 breakthrough session to see if The Passion Project Incubator is right for you.  

I look forward to leading you on this journey. See you soon!

The Passion Project Incubator is for you if...

  • You are ready to launch your own business, but don't know how.
  • You feel you have a bigger purpose in life than you are living now.
  • You have a clear idea of your passion but need to hone a strategy and get the tools to implement.
  • You are tired of cookie cutter, do-it-yourself courses that don't get you to where you want to be.
  • You believe enough in yourself and your business to invest in it to launch it the right way.
  • You know you need a hands-on mentor to guide you.

Are you ready to fulfill your true purpose? 

Phase 1: Discover

Discover your true purpose and how to turn that passion into a pofitable business. Define your ideal customers, their needs and drivers and create a unique selling proposition.

Phase 2: Vision

Get to a tested company and product concept that has product-market fit (PMF). In other words, you have a tribe of people who want to buy what you are selling.

Phase 3: Plan

Create a launch plan - including your strategy for marketing, sales, and partnerships. Start with the end in mind and intentionally build your business to meet your financial goals.

Phase 4: Build

Build out your content and marketing platforms. Have the technologies and infrastructure in place to scale. Make sure you have adequate resources to launch.


Get hands-on mentoring for exactly where you are in your business journey - from finding your passion to getting more customers to buy. 


There's nothing more powerful that a group of minds on a single issue. Get hands on advice and accountability from sister enterpreneurs.


Access more than 20 course modules on the mindset, mechanics and metrics to make money.


Reinforce your vision and take care of yourself physically, mentally & emotionally. Two retreats included in your incubator experience combine working through launch plans with deep self care.

Our Rockstar Students

“I have considered many business coaches and programs and have never been inspired to pull the trigger until I spoke with Deb.Being a woman entrepreneur in my fifties presents a very specific set of challenges, and Deb has the experience, compassion, and intelligence to see through it all, clear my overwhelm, and give me simple, powerful, effective tools for moving me toward my goals. I am already seeing the success and effectiveness of my work with her.“ Zoe Kors , Writer, Coach, Speaker, Sexologist

“Before I worked with Deb, I couldn't figure out why my business wasn't seeing the growth I wanted. Frankly, it was stalled and barely viable. I thought what I needed was to work harder, take more online classes, and push with gritted teeth threw my blocks. Only then, would I start to see the change I desired. Deb guided me to see that my mindset wasn't in a place to receive success. I have all the assets and drive that I need. With her invaluable coaching, I have been able to change my mindset to break out of my rut and create a business that is more aligned with my unique passions, skillset, and style." Annick Magac

“ I've had this dream to have my own business for a while now, but I couldn't see past the HOW to get it done and I was more than I liittle nervous that it might not work. I was going in many directions at once. What I appreciate most about Deb is that she didn't just give me a course to take, she actually walked me through a blueprint of how to launch my business step by step.She gave me mentorship and guidance at each step along the way. She kept me focused and organized. The response to my launch was so great that I am now rolling out with full force. Above and beyond our work together, Deb has even elevated me by inviting me into Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 which has inspired me to think even bigger than the Create Theater model that I have now. Cate Cammarata, Off-Broadway Producer, Director & Dramaturg 

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I first started out. I contacted a former colleague who was now a business coach. "I need you to help me turn my vision into a viable business." I said. 

I knew I couldn't go this road alone. That coach got me to version one of my business. After that, I enrolled in a training program for new women entrepreneurs - that was a $10,000 and a huge investment for me at the time. But it also grew my business to the next level. I learned how to sell from the stage, as well as hone my marketing to attract more of my ideal clients. 

The following year, I enrolled in that coach's high-end mastermind program for a much bigger investment - but I didnt' get nearly the support and mentoring I expected or needed. I got smart fast about how to pick mentors that filled gaps in my strategy or capability to deliver.

Fast forward five years and I still invest in my own education and training. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly growing and changing. Your business will grow and change with you. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be at your inner and outer game, and keep up with what's working in this ever-changing online marketplace. 

I have personally vetted every mentor that contributes to our curriculum. In many cases they were important mentors to me in teaching me the skills I needed in marketing, branding, fundraising and maintaining the right mindset for success.

It's an exciting journey. Ask yourself, "Am I ready to invest in my own success?" If your answer is "yes." Then, let's go!

So... are you in?